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The Role of Birth Fathers in Kansas Adoptions

By Jessica Exstrom

Adoptions are often difficult experiences for everyone involved. There are several people involved, like the child, the Adoption Choices of Kansas specialist/agent, the adoptive family, and the birth parents. The person carrying and delivering the child is beyond important, needing our quality care and assistance, but often the birth father is in a tricky situation. Sometimes the birth father isn’t involved, but oftentimes he is hands-on, ready to help the birth mother through pregnancy and the adoption process. Regardless of his status, the birth father plays a crucial role in the adoption and is needed in many ways. Today, we’ll discuss what your adoption in Kansas will look like, the responsibilities and role of the birth father, and how all parents are involved in this process.

What is the Role of the Birth Father in a Kansas Adoption?

Choosing to place your baby for adoption is an initial, difficult decision, but learning how to place your child for adoption can feel overwhelming without outside help. There are several adoption agencies in Kansas, but using Adoption Choices of Kansas can help you have a peaceful, meaningful adoption. We want you to make choices and learn things that will help you and your baby throughout pregnancy, birth, and through the adoption process.

We value you and your health, so with the help of your own licensed adoption specialist, you can create an adoption plan and have access to financial assistance. First, an adoption plan is beyond important. Through the process of creating one, you get to make several decisions that are based on what you want for yourself and your child. This involves choosing the type of adoption you want to pursue, like open or closed adoption. It also entails choosing adoptive parents who go through a background check, a home study, and more to ensure they are fit to parent an adoptive child.

Finally, an adoption plan will help you plan out how you want the hospital visit to go when your baby finally arrives, including who you want in the room and how long you want to spend with your baby. All of these decisions allow you the opportunity to have a say in what happens to your baby after they leave your care, leaving you confident and less stressed about your baby’s future.

There are several adoption options for you, but we can help you in several ways. We also offer financial assistance, such as aid with certain bills, transportation for hospital visits, maternity clothing, and more. These are often stressful responsibilities you may need help with, and we’re here to do that.

Birth Father Responsibilities

As previously mentioned, birth fathers play a crucial role in pregnancy and the adoption process. Unfortunately, people who are pregnant are not always involved with the birth father when they pursue adoption. This can be a really difficult situation to endure, as support is important for the pregnancy. Unplanned pregnancy is often scary and overwhelming for the birth mother, and feeling alone through it makes everything seem worse. Thankfully, Adoption Choices of Kansas wants to be there for you through your pregnancy, adoption, and after everything, regardless of your relationship with the birth father of your baby. We strive to help you through everything, including roadblocks and lack of support!

A fortunate situation to be in through unplanned pregnancy is having the birth father by your side. Not all birth fathers of unplanned pregnancy are going to leave or be involved in your pregnancy. These fathers can help emotionally and financially support you if you are struggling to do so yourself, and that can take a lot of stress off of you. If you have this support, you can spend even more time focusing on yourself and your baby and both of you’s health. If he’s with you, it’s clear he cares about you and your baby!

Remember, regardless of your relationship with the birth father, you will have support through your pregnancy and through the adoption. We are here for you through everything, including difficult and unique situations. If you have support from the birth father, that is great for you and your baby! If you don’t have his involvement, you still have us to help you through it all. You aren’t alone with us.

Importance of All Parents During the Adoption Process

Every type of parent in your adoption is important. There are the birth parents (you and your baby’s father) and the adoptive family’s parents your baby will be placed in. You, enduring a long pregnancy, clearly care for your baby. You have stuck out through an already difficult time to create a great opportunity for your child and for yourself. The adoptive parents are involved because they want to create a good life for a baby, just like yours. If they didn’t care for your baby, they wouldn’t go through the strenuous process of being approved for adoption. No matter how you feel about your decisions or the birth father’s, understand that everyone who is actively involved in your baby’s life is important and cares, including Adoption Choices of Kansas.

You have made a brave and courageous decision and have made sacrifices to carry your baby. Through your love and endurance through everything, you chose to place your baby for adoption. This choice wasn’t easy, but it says so much about how much you care for your baby and how you recognize what is best for yourself. Look at your situation as admirable. You are strong, and you love your baby; that is what matters in the end!

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption choices, visit our website or contact us.


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