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The Three Benefits of LGBT Adoption

LGBT adoptive parents consist of at least one member who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. These types of families have not been recognized by society for long, but after a Supreme Court ruling in 2015, LGBT families were granted marriage rights in all 50 states. Since then, LGBT adoption has become increasingly more popular. 

Today, Adoption Choices of Kansas wants to share with you three major benefits of LGBT adoption. We hope that after having taken the time to become more informed about these three benefits of LGBT adoption that you will be more likely to select an LGBT family to adopt your baby. 

Benefit #1: LGBT Adoption Promotes Acceptance 

LGBT adoptive parents recognize that you may have fears about your baby not getting recognition or positive attention as he or she grows up. Yet, through the similar hardships that LGBT community members have experienced, your child’s adoptive parents will know just how to circumvent this. They have a deeper understanding of what it takes to help teach your child about identity and having confidence in their sense of self. 

In addition, LGBT adoptive parents are firm believers in acceptance. They do not discriminate based on your child’s background, appearance or sexual orientation. Rather, LGBT adoptive parents celebrate your child’s differences, as those make him or her who they are, and will teach your child how to do the same with others. To respect others’ individuality and accept that everyone is unique is important. 

Benefit #2: Your Baby will be More Open-Minded

With your baby being raised by LGBT adoptive parents, he or she will quickly notice that anybody can be a parent. Sure, biologically, it takes a man and a woman to make a baby, but your baby will learn early on that parenthood is not necessarily between a man and a woman. With this in mind, your baby will be able to see that beliefs like this are not “traditional.” Your baby sees that anybody can be a parent regardless of their background. 

Your baby can also use this as he or she grows older to their own personal benefit when dealing with possible problems. For example, even though it may seem like a certain situation has a “black and white” outcome, your baby will realize that that is not true. Instead, your child will not only recognize that any situation has way more than one outcome, but also that any outcome has its own advantages and disadvantages. This can increase your baby’s problem solving skills and give them a broader perspective of the world in general. 

Benefit #3: Your Baby will be More Social!

Socialization can be very stressful on anybody regardless of age, but we have some good news for you. Having LGBT adoptive parents will truthfully allow your baby to be social around others. In fact, LGBT adoptive parents are typically seen as social around others, because many people see LGBT members as generally happy, accepting and upbeat people. This is because they are proud of themselves and do not believe the world is just black and white. 

With your baby following this mindset, others will want to be around them. Not only this, but as your baby grows older, it may be easier for him or her to make friends. Accepting everyone, and having an open mindset, can help your child become more social and make lifelong friends! 

Benefits of LGBT Adoption

Acceptance in the world today is needed more than ever. LGBT adoptions can allow your baby to become more accepting, respectful and tolerant of others’ differences as he or she grows up. 

With LGBT adoptive parents breaking “traditional” boundaries, your baby can enter any situation with an open mind. This can allow him or her to see any problem with multiple outcomes, rather than seeing an issue as black and white. With your baby being more social, he or she can make connections with you and others quickly. Best of all, when your baby grows older, he or she may be lucky enough to start having lifelong friendships at an early age! 

The three benefits of LGBT adoption are clear, and this can make for your adoption to be much more successful than you may have imagined. If you are considering an LGBT adoption, Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help! Please see our contact information below, or reach out to your caseworker for assistance with finding an LGBT couple. LGBT couples are amazing, and we know that you will be able to find an amazing one for you, and your baby! 

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Meet the Author: Jason Legasse is a rising senior English major studying at Siena College in Loudonville, New York. He hails from the Albany, New York area, but has plans to relocate to sunny Venice, Florida with his mom come Fall. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Jason plans to study General Special Education at Meredith College, where he will earn a Master’s degree and use that to teach middle school Special Education.

Jason is a self-proclaimed introvert with Asperger’s who really enjoys writing. He has a huge passion for helping others, specifically those with disabilities. He is very excited to be working with Adoption Choices over the summer, and looks forward to learning more about the adoption process! 


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