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8 Thoughts Birth Parents Have During the Adoption Process

By Tyra Watts

Adoption is arguably one of the most sacred processes any birth parent can go through. There is a lot that you, the birth parents, have to take into consideration, such as making sure adoption is something that you 100% want to do, what adoption agency to go to, what type of adoption you want, and much more. Many thoughts can go through your mind the minute the birth mother is pregnant, which is very normal. In this article, Adoption Choices of Kansas will go through eight thoughts that birth parents have during the adoption process.

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1. “Am I Making The Right Decision?”

This thought is arguably one of the first thoughts that’ll cross birth parents’ (mainly the birth mother’s) minds when deciding on adoption, termination of pregnancy (also known as abortion), or parenting because they are the three unwanted pregnancy options. However, something that you should take into consideration is what situation the birth parents are in when the birth mother is pregnant. For example, if the birth parents are not ready for parenting, then becoming parents wouldn’t be the best option. The birth mother would look into an abortion or adoption. If the birth mother decides on adoption, then she can get started on her adoption plan.

2. “Is This Adoptive Family The Right One For My Child?”

When it comes to the adoption process, selecting an adoptive family for your child is one of the most important steps. As birth parents, you would want your child to be raised in a positive environment where they can flourish and grow with a supportive and loving adoptive family. A good suggestion is to not only think about where your child should be raised but who you want your child to be raised by. For example, if you are open to your child being raised by an LGBTQ+ adoptive couple, then you would look into LGBTQ+ adoptive couples/adoption. Our adoption agencies in Kansas would be more than happy to help you in that area.

3. Will My Child Hate Me For This?

This is a very common thought that birth parents have when it comes to giving a baby up for adoption. The crazy thing about this is that there is a possibility that it won’t happen. As the child gets older and starts to wonder about their birth parents, depending on the type of adoption the birth mother chooses (open, semi-open, and closed), the birth parents have an opportunity to contact and visit the child (with visitation, the child must be older). You’ll have the chance to explain to your child why they were placed for adoption. The child could even forgive you for placing them for adoption.

4. How Can I Afford This Adoption?

As well as the thought of whether or not you’re making the right decision about your unwanted pregnancy, this is also another one of the first thoughts birth parents have at the beginning of the adoption process. Adoption Choices of Kansas helps the mom with various resources. For example, adoption agencies in Kansas, as well as adoptive parents, can provide financial assistance to birth parents.

We can cover the costs of rent and utilities, food, transportation, maternity clothing, phone service, groceries, and much more. Financial assistance varies based on your financial situation. Your adoption counselor will explain more about financial assistance.

5. Which Adoption Agency Should I Go To?

In the state of Kansas, we have plenty of adoption agencies. For instance, we have Wichita Adoption Choices of Kansas and another Adoption Choices of Kansas in Kansas City. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with. Both adoption agencies have the best team of staff anybody could ask for, as well as both agencies are supportive of the birth parents throughout the adoption process, from curating an adoption plan to post-adoption placement. The Adoption Choices of Kansas in Wichita and Kansas City also provide other services besides financial assistance, such as housing and support counseling. 

6. Which Type of Adoption Should I Pick?

As stated earlier, there are three types of adoptions to choose from (open, closed, and semi-open). An open adoption plan is when the birth parents know who the adoptive parents are. They have an opportunity to share contact information. After the adoption has been finalized, the birth parents can reach out to the child via email. There is no in-person visit for the child (only when they get older). Meanwhile, closed adoption is when the birth parents have no contact with the adoptive parents.

The birth mother gives up her child to the adoption agency, and they are in control of the adoption process. A semi-open adoption is when the birth mother has some choice of which adoptive parent can raise the child. There may or may not be as much contact between the birth parents and the adoptive parents. This also applies to the child once the adoption has been finalized.

7. Can I Still Contact My Child Post-Adoption?

As stated earlier, depending on the type of adoption chosen (open, semi-open, and closed), there is a possibility that you can contact your child post-adoption. For starters, in an open adoption plan, you can reach out to your child through email or written letters.

When it comes to a semi-open adoption plan, there isn’t as much contact between the child and the birth parents. It pretty much ends once the child is placed in the adoptive family’s care. Lastly, with a closed adoption plan, there is zero contact between the birth parents and the child. 

8. Is There Any Other Option Besides Adoption?

As previously stated, there are three unwanted pregnancy options: adoption, termination of pregnancy , and parenting, and it all depends on what situation the birth parents are facing. For some birth parents, giving up a baby for adoption is a difficult thing to do, so they either decide on having an abortion or raising the child on their own. Meanwhile, some birth parents could not be too fond of abortions, so they choose adoption or parenting.

Choosing Adoption in Kansas

No matter what the situation is, always know that the birth mother has the final decision because they have the right to these options. When it comes to Kansas adoption agencies, birthmothers are treated with respect and dignity.

Adoption Choices of Kansas comes to meet you as a responsive and trusting agency to work with. If you are interested in adoption, then it is important to know that choosing adoption is not giving up. If you need unplanned pregnancy help now, Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond. We can help with teen pregnancy, financial assistance, difficult situations, and more. Please call us or text us to learn more! 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-209-2071  

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