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Three Main Keys of Adoption Success

Over the past couple of months, we have talked to you about how to have a successful adoption, regardless of your home and financial situation. You have learned that Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help you throughout your entire adoption journey. We’ve also given you hints regarding the three main keys of adoption success

Today, we are going to discuss their true meanings. So, what are these three keys? Let’s jump into it! 

Key #1: Understanding the Importance of Family

In order to have a successful adoption, we believe that it is vital that you understand the importance and true meaning of family. Remember that family is not always connected by blood. When you place your baby for adoption, the family that you select for him or her can, in a way, be seen as a family for you as well. Family always has your back no matter what. Family will pick you up whenever you are down. 

You might believe that placing your baby for adoption means that you are no longer a part of your baby’s family. That’s not true. You will always be your baby’s birth mother, no matter what. We know that you love your baby more than anyone else in the entire world. You want him or her to be raised in a safe and loving environment. Part of this environment, and having success, means that you are trusting yourself with the right adoptive family. Without understanding the importance of family, not only could you lose self-confidence in yourself with choosing the right adoptive family, but you also might have trouble with trusting your baby’s prospective adoptive family. 

Adoption is not choosing a family and saying goodbye to your baby forever. On the contrary. Adoption is about giving your baby a life that you may not have been able to personally give them. Through your decision, you gain a connection with your child’s adoptive parents, who become like an extended family. This helps prove that understanding family is important, and we truly mean that! We cannot stress the importance of family enough with you. We guarantee that your adoption will not be successful unless you understand the true definition and values of family. 

Key #2: Never Give Up!

We completely understand how stressful the adoption process is. Especially nowadays, when it seems like the world has completely flipped upside down. Where are you right now in your adoption journey? Are you considering adoption? Have you met with a caseworker yet? Did you select an adoptive family for your baby? 

No matter where you are in your adoption process, we know that you are going to have doubts. However, it is extremely important for you to look ahead. The hardest part of the adoption process is deciding to adopt, and then placing your baby with the adoptive family that you selected for him or her. 

Are you stressing out about any part of your adoption? If so, remember to calm down and take a deep breath. Even if this only happens for a few minutes. The adoption process is not, and never has been, an easy thing to navigate. But it is important that you keep going, no matter how you feel or where you are in your adoption journey. Take care of yourself through measures of self-care. Don’t rush. Pace yourself. Remember that no matter what happens, never give up! It’s all worth it in the end. 

Key #3: The Need for Communication 

If you are familiar with our blogs, you know that we talk a lot about communication. We have thoroughly discussed the ins and outs of it over the past few months.  Do you remember our motto with communication? Say it with us! Open communication is needed! 

The need for open communication can, and will always be, the most important key towards having a successful open adoption. Without communication, the connections that you make throughout your adoption process will go downhill very fast. This includes establishing relationships and communicating with your caseworker, your child and their adoptive family.  For instance, if you ghost your caseworker, you might lose his or her guidance. If you select an adoptive family, but stop talking to them, they could be forever out of the picture. Or, worst of all, if you do not check in with your child’s adoptive family after the adoption, you may not receive the updates that you want to. This can result in you feeling very anxious and upset. 

That right there is the furthest thing that we want to happen to you. The same thing can also happen if your baby’s adoptive family does not stay in touch with you. You could lose a lot of trust that you built with that family! If one misstep happens regarding a loss of communication, your adoption process will forever have some bumps and bruises. Thus, open communication is extremely important. Without it, your adoption process could go in a completely different direction. 

Remember this: “Without open communication, my adoption process will go on a long vacation!” 

Are the Three Keys of Adoption Success actually Beneficial to Me?

Absolutely! The adoption process is never going to be all smooth-sailing. You are going to have moments where you will want to give up. Where it may seem like your time with your baby is ending forever. You may feel pressured to have a type of adoption, that you do not feel comfortable having. 

Remember this, though. You are and always will be your child’s birth mother. A forever part of you. You are important. The three keys to having a successful adoption stand out in their own ways, but will all lead to the adoption that you always wanted for your baby. Remember that we are always here to help you. Feel free to contact us below, if you ever need anything. 

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