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Three Reasons Why Birth Mothers should work with Adoption Choices of Kansas

Are you pregnant, anxious and asking yourself, “What should I do next? Who can I turn to for answers? What’s the best option for my baby?” At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we can dissolve your fears, stand beside you and lovingly give you support and guidance. We offer free services with our full staff to support you and treat you with respect. You will never feel alone, because we will be here for you every step of the way, 24/7.

You and your baby will be our top priority. We want you to have a positive experience while you are going through your process. We will provide you all the necessary resources you will need to get through this as well.

Why should birth mothers work with Adoption Choices of Kansas? Contact us and you’ll immediately see why. We are all here for you. Speak with any one of our amazing medical experts, birth mother counselors, social workers, legal representatives and caseworkers who will be glad to help you throughout your adoption process. 

Reason #1: You will have Access to various Quality, Professional Services

Through our adoption agency, we will provide you with free services and various resources that will offer you support throughout your adoption process:

  • Ongoing financial support. You will not have to worry about paying for any services during your pregnancy and the adoption process. We will help cover you and your baby financially. Anything not covered by your insurance will be taken care of by the adoptive parents you choose. 
  • Healthy, nutritional food plans. You will have complete access to Food Stamps, specialized, WIC nutrition food programs and ongoing grocery store expenses. This way, you and your baby will be in great health throughout your adoption process.
  • Excellent housing support. We will provide you and your unborn baby with a safe, comfortable and positive environment where both of you can rest easy. You will not have to worry about, or deal with, unnecessary added stress during your adoption process.
  • Professional medical care. At our agency, we will help accommodate you with excellent resources and financial assistance to help cover your medical care. Your health and safety, and that of your baby, is our top priority. We want you to have a happy and positive experience. We will assist you with applying for a sufficient amount of Medicaid during your adoption process too.

Reason #2: You will have a Strong Support System by Your Side

We understand you are going through a difficult time in your life now, and need all the support, love and care to help get you through your adoption process with your baby. We will provide you with a support staff that will be by your side to help you with whatever you need, whenever you need them. Our birth mother counselors, social workers and caseworkers will be on hand to help alleviate any unnecessary stress, doubts, fears, concerns or anxiety you may have while going through your process. You will be in a safe space where you can speak freely, and you will never be judged whatsoever.

We will assist you in using virtual resources you can utilize to get in touch with other fellow birth mothers who are going through the same adoption process as you. 

By using social media platforms such as Meetup, Facebook and Google, you will be able to talk to your fellow birth mothers about any fears, doubts or questions you may have during your process and gain their support as well.

Meanwhile, our adoption caseworkers will make sure you and your baby will always be in good health, the whole way through. Furthermore, our legal representatives will ensure that you will have an easy-going, successful and positive process. 

You and your baby deserve to have all of the best resources at your fingertips. We want to take the best care of you throughout your adoption process. 

We want to make sure you feel loved, cared for and supported all the way through, because you and your baby deserve it. You and your baby matter to us. You are both our sole priorities when you step through the doors of our agency. You should never feel discouraged to contact us at all. We will be happy to address anything that is troubling you. 

Reason #3: You will Never be Alone

Even though it may seem like you and your baby are going through your process on your own, in reality, we will always be here for you. You will never be alone. Remember, you are not the only birth mother who is going through this process currently, has gone through this in the past or will go through it in the future. 

We will help you find local birth mother support groups and connect you with other fellow birth mothers who you can talk with about anything that is on your mind. You will be able to have a strong group of birth mothers by your side, who will support and help you through your process. They will help keep you positive, happy and will always be there to remind you that you will never be alone.

Why Birth Mothers should work with Adoption Choices of Kansas

Remember, you are welcome here! We will always be by your side and will help you every step of the way! When you walk through our doors, we will work hard to ensure you and your baby will have a positive, uplifting adoption experience, because both of you deserve to be happy, and live positive lives. 

We will provide you with the best care possible, and will always remind you that you will never be alone while going through your adoption process. 

Also remember, you have options! We will be happy to help you with anything you need! 

With the help of Adoption Choices of Kansas, you and your baby will be in good hands. Always remember, we will be here for you, and you will never be alone!   

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