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Owning a pet is no easy feat! Potty training is trying, beloved items become chew toys, and hair accumulates far past the point of dust bunnies. This hardship, though, hasn’t stopped families from adopting them at staggering rates. In fact, an approximate two third of American families own pets. The reason for this might be that, on top of enriching our lives, they help us live longer as well. Having a pet might help you and your child settle in post-adoption!

Adoption Choices of Kansas wants you to know that, as much as you take care of your pets, they find ways to take care of you, too. They’re bona fide, albeit furry, antidotes to everyday health issues. From soothing muscle aches to slashing stress to even increasing your longevity, owning a pet offers some serious, lasting benefits to your health. They can even help reduce your adopted child’s anxiety levels. Here are the top 5 health benefits of having a pet in the house!

  1. They Brighten Your Day

Any pet owner can attest to the fact that nothing is quite as comforting than cuddling up with a furry friend. They provide affection. In fact, one study conducted at Ohio State University found that simply owning a cat or dog was enough to help reduce a person’s risk of becoming depressed or feeling lonely.

  1. They Help You Socialize

Whether sitting at the dog park or chatting with the shop owner about the best brand of cat food, pets give us a way to break the ice and find a common ground for conversation. They’re especially helpful in easing people out of social isolation and shyness. People ask about your furry friend’s breed. They even watch them do tricks. Sometimes the conversation stays at the ‘dog level,’ sometimes it becomes a real social interchange. You could even land a date or make a new friend on your next walk through the park!

  1. They Help Reduce Blood Pressure and Promote Heart Health

Cardiologists praise dogs as a way to lower blood pressure and improve heart health. In a study observing people with borderline high blood pressure, those who adopted dogs experience declines in blood pressure levels. Research has shown similar results for cat owners as well. The benefits of having a pet in the house are endless!

  1. They Help Minimize Child Allergies

If you want to protect your child from developing allergies, then just get them a furry brother or sister. Children who live in homes with pets present higher levels of microbes associated with reduced risks of allergic disease. Because pets expose children to bacteria and dirt at an early age, toddlers with a cat or dog are better able to develop immunity.

  1. They Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Are you or your child feeling stressed? Your doctor may prescribe adopting a pet. That’s because bonding with pets triggers higher levels of the stress-reducing hormone, oxytocin, while also decreasing the production of the stress-inducing hormone, cortisol. Interacting with animals has an especially big impact during child development, and children with pets experience less stress, separation anxiety, and social anxiety, reducing the likelihood of developing mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders during adulthood.

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