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Types of Adoptive Families in Kansas

An unplanned pregnancy can bring about many feelings of confusion and stress. You may be wondering if adoption would be the best choice for not only you, but your child as well. You may feel scared of the unknown and who your child may be adopted by, wondering if they will be best fit to raise him or her. This is all natural.

Through Adoption Choices of Kansas, you won’t have to feel alone as we offer much guidance along the way. We will ensure that your adoption experience is what you hope for it to be, and you are the happiest with the outcome and your child’s adoptive family.

Different Types of Adoptive Families in Kansas

When considering adoption, there are many types of adoptive families to choose from. This can feel overwhelming, so take a moment and imagine what kind of life you’d like your child to have. What kind of family do you see him or her growing up in?

With different adoptive families comes much diversity within them. Here a few types of adoptive families to consider when thinking about who you’d like to raise your child.

  • Younger Adoptive Parents

Younger adoptive parents would be under the age of 30, since the average adoption parent age range is around 30-50 years old. With younger adoptive parents, it may be their first experience with adoption. This does not necessarily have an effect on how well they may raise your child as younger adoptive parents must pass screening just like anyone else. They also may be very responsible no matter what age they are and teach your child modern values. With younger adoptive parents, your child may be able to relate with them in a different way because of a smaller age gap. This may allow your child to feel closer to his or her adoptive parents.

  • Older Adoptive Parents

With an older adoptive family, the parents may be around ages 45 and older. This means that they’ve already had significant life experience and certain life views. They may even have other biological children or adoptees, and your child may be coming into a family that is already developed. This can be positive for your child to be exposed to having siblings and other older figures who can take care of your child and guide them, offering them life advice as they grow up. This is something to consider when choosing an adoptive family and how your child may fit in with them, or the qualities you would like him or her to be raised with.

  • Same Sex Adoptive Parents

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Adoptive families, especially those in the LGBT community, are no exception. Your child can grow up just as happy and healthy with same sex adoptive parents as they can with any other type of adoptive family. Sexual orientation does not define whether or not someone will be a good parent. Being raised by same sex adoptive parents can be very beneficial for your child and help him or her grow up into a more open-minded, respectful and tolerant adult. What’s more, because same sex adoptive parents can’t have a child on their own, they have carefully prepared and ensured that they are ready to give your child all the love, care and support they can.

  • Single Adoptive Parents

A single adoptive parent would mean that there is no spouse or partner involved. A common misconception that people have is that single adoptive parents won’t make good parents and cannot adopt, but this isn’t true. Relationship status has no effect on parental capabilities. In a single parent household, your child will have the ability to deeply bond with their parent in a unique way as it will just be one parent as the sole adult figure raising your child. This also allows for deep growth because your child won’t have too many authority figures to hear many opinions from, which can really build your child’s character and shape him or her to follow their own opinions and true nature.

  • Heterosexual Adoptive Parents

Heterosexual adoptive parents would be two parents of the opposite sex. Though there is no significant difference shown in children raised by heterosexual parents vs. same sex parents, this used to be the most common and traditional dynamic in adoptive family households. This may be positive for your child to feel a part of the majority type of household as an adoptee and feel a sense of “fitting in.”

  • Transracial Adoptive Parents 

A transracial adoption would mean that your child’s adoptive family is of a different race than you and your child. A transracial household can be positive for your child as it can remind him or her of their birth culture as they learn about the culture of their adoptive family, shaping them into a more well-rounded and tolerant human being. They will be able to have multiple facets to them through their own race and their families culture, as well as be given an opportunity in privilege that they otherwise might have not had.

Finding the Right Adoptive Family for You

With each type of unique dynamic in an adoptive family comes different possible outcomes. There are many benefits to having diversity in your child’s life no matter what kind of adoptive family you choose. Diversity within adoptive families builds character in your child and teaches him or her to be accepting of all types of people. This can help shape your child to be open-minded and well-rounded.

When deciding on an adoptive family, Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help every step of the way. You will have the opportunity to choose who your child will be adopted by, as well as the chance to get to know the adoptive family, depending on the type of adoption you choose. If you have trouble finding the right adoptive family for you, look at their unique aspects. See if those align with who you are and what you want for your child. Remember to take your time when getting to know your adoptive family and seeing if they are a good fit for you. There is no rush when choosing, and we want you to feel the most comfortable during the adoption process.

Adoption Choices of Kansas always wants to do what is best for you and your child above anything else. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions and concerns you may have. We will provide you with much information and resources as you would like to guide you through the adoption process and help give you the best outcome possible.

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