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Virtual Resources to Connect with Your Child and Your Chosen Adoptive Family

You’ve given birth to your child. Now, you are preparing to give your baby to his or her new adoptive family. The inevitable thought that will run through your mind will most likely be: what will communication be like between you and your child from now on? 

Communication with your child will be important because depending on the type of adoption plan you choose, whether it be an open, semi-open or closed adoption, this will determine how you and your child will be able to connect with one another over time. 

You will need to be ready to adapt to how your child will communicate and interact with you. 

But, you should not worry about a thing, because, even though your child will be with your chosen adoptive family, he or she will still be able to communicate with you via video chatting applications such as FaceTime, ZOOM and Skype. If you are still hesitant about adoption, and want to know more about the process and how communication works, you should contact either a caseworker, social worker or counselor at Adoption Choices of Kansas. Here, we will be happy to assist you with any questions, comments or concerns you may have. In addition, when your pride and joy grows up, you will be able to use other virtual resources to connect with your child and your child’s adoptive family through various social media platforms.

Options You Can Use for an Open or Semi-Open Adoption

If you are looking to pursue an open adoption with your child and your chosen adoptive family, then utilizing all of these platforms to communicate with each other will be vital. By using FaceTime, ZOOM and Skype, this allows you to be able to fully communicate with your child wherever they are. You will be able to see your child, hear their voice, communicate with him or her and, most importantly, connect with them. You and your child will be able to talk about how your lives have been since your adoption process was approved. In addition, you will be able to stay in contact with your child’s adoptive family. This is important for you, because, this way, the family will be able to update you on your child’s progress and how they are doing. 

You will be able to communicate with your child, and their adoptive parents on a regular basis so the connection, and the bond shared between you and your child will remain strong, and intact. 

If you are looking to pursue a semi-open adoption, then the best virtual resources that you can utilize to connect you with your child and your child’s adoptive family will be through email or calling your child on the phone. A mediator from Adoption Choices of Kansas will relay your messages to your chosen adoptive family, and vise-versa, through making indirect contact with both parties. Both the possibilities of being able to communicate and connect with your child will be possible, but will be limited. 

Another helpful application we at Adoption Choices of Kansas use as a virtual resource to connect with your child and your child’s adoptive family is ChildConnect. Through this service, you will be able to receive and send messages via photos or pictures, and obtain updates on what your child has been up to lately. All of this will be given through a private, confidential portal. This platform allows for increased communication between you, your child and your chosen adoption family. 

You will be able to utilize both older, and newer ways of communication in order to connect with your child, and their chosen adoptive family. This way, you know you will always be connected with your child, somehow, someway.  

Other forms of communication that are applicable for you to use to connect with your child are, simply calling them over the phone, writing and exchanging emails with them, as well as leaving voicemail or voice messages for each other to listen to. One other popular video chatting application is WhatsApp. While you will be able to video chat with your baby, you’ll still be able to exchange messages or call one another. 

This will allow you to stay connected with your child wherever they are, wherever they go with their new adoptive family. Your communication with your baby is important, and with WhatsApp, you’ll be able to connect with them anywhere in the United States, and around the world. 

What Forms of Social Media can I use for adoption?

As prefaced earlier, you will be able to use various social media platforms to get in touch with your child. Mainly, the best ones for you to use will be Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. 

Each of these resources utilize various forms of communication, and allows you to be able to connect with your child easily. Individually, each application serves a specific purpose so you can connect with your child directly.

  • With Snapchat, you will be able to exchange messages, photos, short videos, and your “stories” — a series of short videos meshed into one, long timeline —  with your baby, so you will be able to stay in touch with him or her. 
  • When using Facebook…you have the ability to share, send, “like”, “tag” and comment on photos and videos between you, your child, and your chosen adoptive family. You can add this to your arsenal of ways in which you will be able to communicate with your child, and maintain your special connection together. 
  • With Instagram, by “following” each other, you, your child and your chosen adoptive family will be able to post and share photos and videos with one another. Furthermore, you will be able to share and “tag” your stories with one another, which are a compilation of your photos and videos, with your child and his or her adoptive family. 
  • Lastly, in the case of Facebook Messenger, you, the birth mother, your child and your adoptive family can send text messages, photos, and videos to each other. You are also able to video chat with your child, and be able to both see, and speak to them. 

There are many, convenient resources available for you to use whenever you are getting in touch with your child. Your communication with them will never be lost, and you will always have a virtual resource readily available for you to contact your child.

As a result, you and your child will be able to maintain a strong relationship, and you’ll be able to contact your baby’s adoptive parents to provide you with updates on them. 

You don’t have to lose contact with your child with open adoption

Despite the fact that you are giving your pride and joy to another family, even though communication will be different between you and your child, the ways in which you can connect with each other are endless! You will always be connected together!

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