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What are Kansas Adoption Agencies?

by Rachel Smith

If you are a birth mother wanting to put your baby up for adoption, you need a supportive adoption agency. But, you might be wondering, what are adoption agencies? Are there good adoption agencies near me?

There are many great adoption agencies available to birth mothers, and Adoption Choices of Kansas is one of them. This private agency helps birth mothers through the adoption process, offering a variety of personalized services and assistance. The Kansas adoption agency is dedicated to the comfort and well-being of birth mothers. They serve a variety of moms on a case-by-case basis. Is Adoption Choices of Kansas right for you? Here is all you need to know about adoption agencies. 

What do Adoption Agencies do?

Private adoption agencies can best be described as a conduit. They consider the needs of the birth mother and the adoptee and match the adoptee to a like-minded family. They also evaluate the standing of birth mothers to determine the amount of assistance the agency can provide. The main goal? To make the adoption process as easy as possible. 

First, they gather information about the birth mother. Then, birth mothers receive personal adoption counselors that will help them formulate an adoption plan. This plan will help meet any specific needs. The counselors will also discuss Kansas adoption requirements and familiarize the birth mother with the adoption process

This plan also allows birth mothers to select a type of adoption: open, semi-open, or closed. Open adoptions allow direct communication between the birth family and adoptive family, while closed adoptions permit zero communication. Semi-open adoption lets conduit-like adoption agencies facilitate communication between families. 

Then, birth moms get to choose families. All Adoption Choices of Kansas families are carefully screened to guarantee a safe, secure, and loving environment for the adoptee. Any family will be a perfect match for your child. But, if you have any religious or family size preferences, the adoption agencies near you can accommodate your wishes.

Lastly, the baby is born, and the adoption process is finalized. Your baby will start their new life, and you can rest easy knowing your baby is in good hands. Adoption is also available after birth, however. As mentioned earlier, our counselors have dealt with many different situations and are here to support you. The finalization of the adoption process is not the end, though. Adoption Choices of Kansas can continue to support birth moms’ physical and emotional needs post-placement. 

Private Adoption Vs. Public Adoption 

Birth mothers can choose between public adoption and private adoption. Public adoptions are carried out by the state. Birth parents give the guardianship of their child to the state, which then decides where the adoptee will end up. Birth parents don’t have a say in where this will be. 

Private adoptions are done by our agencies. Since the state does not do them, birth parents are given more autonomy. When birth parents meet with their adoption counselor, they can create their own adoption plan. Birth parents can decide nearly everything. The choices range from how often they will communicate with their child to which family their child will live with. Adoption Choices of Kansas is a private adoption agency that provides all of these choices. If the choice is something you value, you should consider a private adoption with Adoption Choices of Kansas

Adoption Agency Assistance 

Many think that adoption agencies only help with adoption, but that is not always the case. Adoption Choices of Kansas offers pregnant adoption help for birth mothers. If you are a birthmother struggling with everyday needs, Adoption Choices of Kansas can help you. They can provide financial assistance in the form of rent and groceries to help you get by. 

The agency can provide health care as well. Prenatal care is crucial in a safe pregnancy. So, the agency goes above and beyond to provide this basic need. Along with physical health, the Wichita adoption agency also provides counselors to assist you with your mental health as well.

These services are 100% free for birth mothers and can expand past the adoption and birthing process. Our agency provides on a need-basis and is here to advocate for you and your individual needs. 

Can I Choose Adoption Without the Birth Father?

Birth fathers are the biological fathers of the adoptee. Some birth fathers are involved in the adoption process. Others are not. If you are a birth mom who has an unknown or unwilling birth father, we can help. There are even some cases where the birth father’s permission is not required for adoption in Kansas. Adoption Choices of Kansas can provide birth mothers with legal experts to help sort out this issue. If you are a birth mother struggling with this, contact us as soon as possible. 

Private Adoption Agencies in Kansas

Adoption Choices of Kansas is a private adoption agency that values and respects birth mothers of all different backgrounds. Putting a child up for adoption can be difficult. But, with our Kansas adoption agencies, it is completely doable. We provide services to aid birth moms in the strenuous adoption process and support them all the way through. We provide adoption options that allow birth mothers to feel more comfortable proceeding with the adoption process. If you are a birth mother considering adoption and wanting more autonomy, Adoption Choices of Kansas is right for you. Contact us 24/7 by call or text at (316)-209-2071.

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