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If you’re pregnant and have made the decision to choose adoption for your baby, you’ve already made the hardest, and most selfless choice you can for your baby. Now, if you’re still considering all options or want more information on what you should look for in an agency as a birth mother then keep reading. Here are a few questions that you should ask when seeking an adoption agency.


Does the agency make sure you’re aware of all options?

While you want an agency that will help you make these tough decisions, you want to make sure you’re receiving guidance and not pressure to make any choices. Make sure you’re told about all of your options and that you’re choosing adoption for the right reasons for you. The agency should also prepare you for how the outcomes of adoption could be. While adoption is a wonderful thing, the outcome of each adoption can vastly vary. You should be informed about all options so you can process what the outcomes could be.

Does the agency support open adoption?

While there are many types of adoption you can look into, open adoption is always a wonderful option to consider. Take into consideration the relationship they might be seeking with you specifically and what relationship you all want with the baby as a unit.

Learn more about open adoption and what it means for your adoption plan.

What does the agency require from adoptive parents?

Because you want your baby to have the best life possible, you once again have to make a difficult decision: what adoptive parents are right for you? Making sure an agency does important steps like background checks, beliefs, being aware of the couples’ relationship with one another and maybe things like income, family, or their home. What kind of adoption are the adoptive parents looking for? There are many questions to ask regarding the adoptive parents, so make sure this is something the agency will thoroughly walk you through as well.

Adoption Choices of Kansas & Missouri requires all prospective families complete a home study. Learn more about what a home study is.

What services does the agency offer after the adoption is complete?

While the steps leading up to and during the adoption process are important, it is imperative to ask the agency if they offer services like counseling to the birth mother post adoption. You want to seek an agency that will hold your hand through a healing and possibly confusing time.

What is the background and experience of the agency?

You want to make sure that the adoption agency you’re choosing is compassionate and understanding but also competent and trustworthy. Can the agency provide family references? How many placements has the agency made in the last year? How quickly does staff respond to questions and concerns?

This decision isn’t easy, and there are many steps, actions, and questions that seem like a whirlwind of stress at times. However, once you find your agency, a weight should be lifted off your shoulders and you should feel good about the decision you’ve made.

If you would like help choosing the agency that’s right for you as a birth mother or simply have questions that you want answered, reach out to us so we can help you take the next step in your decision. We can’t promise it won’t be hard, but it will be worth it.

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