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What I Learned As A Birth Mother Who Placed A Baby For Adoption In Kansas

When I first learned about my pregnancy, I was taken by surprise. I was not expecting this to happen, and I started to stress and panic because I was unsure what to do next. The first thing I did was look up what were some of the options that I had and how to move forward. I discovered that there were three options to choose from, parenting, terminating my pregnancy, or adoption in Kansas. At first, I thought about parenting my child, but due to my financial situation at the time, I could not afford to become a parent. After giving it, and deciding to place my baby for adoption, I searched around for Wichita adoption and called Adoption Choices of Kansas.

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How I Started The Adoption Process In Kansas After I Decided to Place My Baby for Adoption in KS

After deciding to go with adoption in Kansas, the first thing I did was look up what kind of adoptions there were and which one I thought would be best for me and my unborn baby. I wanted to be involved in the adoption process, so I looked into private adoption agencies, and that is when I came across Adoption Choices of Kansas. After exploring their website, I decided to contact them to set up my first appointment. They let me decide where we could have the meeting, which I really liked. From the get-go, they let me know that I was going to be a vital part of the adoption process and that they were there to help guide me and support me on my adoption journey. I learned that I was being assigned adoption casework, and at first, I was confused as to why. They told me that my caseworker is there to provide me with all the information I need throughout the adoption process and answer any questions I have. Having my caseworker there to help me was amazing since all of this was new to me.

What Adoption Choices Of Kansas Means By “Support You”

I was not sure how Adoption Choices of Kansas would support me during my pregnancy and my adoption journey. The things that they did to support me helped make my adoption journey a wonderful experience. Given my financial situation, they helped me with my grocery shopping and finding a caring doctor that I could afford for my appointments during my pregnancy and after. The fact that they did these things to help me made me feel like I had made the right decision to go with adoption in Kansas. I also learned that they provide free counseling as well. I made a few appointments, and they were all wonderful. These appointments were where I could talk about what was going through my mind about the adoption process and my mindset on my decision. Part of me felt like I was giving up on my unborn baby, but these appointments helped me realize that I was not. Given my situation, I learned that I was doing what I thought was best for my unborn baby and ensuring they could have the future they deserve.

Being A Vital Part Of The Adoption Process Helped Me Heal

Being able to create my adoption plan helped me come to terms with my decision on adoption in Kansas. I was able to make the adoption plan that I wanted and that I envisioned. I loved the part of the process where I got to pick the adoptive family because it allowed me to find the family that I thought was best for my unborn baby. I learned that with private adoption, I could set up any type of communication with the adoptive family and the baby if I wanted to as well. I ended up choosing to set up communication with the family I chose, and we set up communication with the baby as well when they became the appropriate age. This part of the process really helped me heal and come to terms with my decision, and I felt confident that I had ensured my unborn baby’s future after going through these steps of the process.

Adoption Choices Of Kansas Does Not Push You To Make A Decision

Throughout my adoption journey, Adoption Choices of Kansas never pushed me to choose a certain option when I had to make a decision in creating my adoption plan. They made suggestions, but they never once pushed me to choose an option that I did not want. I learned then and there that when you are creating your adoption plan with them, they truly mean that you will create your adoption plan. They let you create your vision, and you truly get to decide on what you think is best for both you and your unborn baby. I loved that part of my adoption journey, and if I had to go through it again, I would not change a single thing.

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