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What is a Birth Plan and How Can I Create One for My Adoption Journey?

Finding out that you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and need help, expected or not, can be a complicated moment. You may have felt a burst of elation followed by a wave of anxiety and fear. You begin wondering what the pregnancy process will look like, how your body will change, and what will happen when your baby decides to come out. While so many things can feel like they are out of your control during your pregnancy, one thing you can control while you are pregnant is your birth/hospital plan. Making a birth plan can ease your anxieties, and it is important to have one before the big day arrives so that you can be prepared. 

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 What is an Adoption Birth Plan? 

A birth plan is a written plan that outlines your preferences during and after your labor and delivery. What makes a birth plan so essential to have is that it takes into consideration what is feasible and what is available at your local hospital. You can make your birth plan as basic as possible, or you can make it as detailed as possible. However you choose to make your birth plan, it should be individualized for your needs and preferences because it’s your birth.  

Some possible things to consider when making your birth plan are the very basics, such as which hospital you plan to be going to and your doctor’s name. When you think of yourself in the delivery room, you can consider if you want people you trust with you or if you only want the father of the baby in the room. Having support around you can ease the delivery process. You could also consider if you want the room to be silent or if you want music to be playing. When making your birth plan, you should consider how you want the atmosphere of your delivery room to be so that the entire process is as comfortable as it can be.  

When you are thinking about the moment when you will give birth, you should consider how you want the delivery process to be like when you are creating your birth plan. You should consider if you have any preferences for your delivery plan. Do you want to have a vaginal delivery? Or perhaps a C-section? Another detail to consider during your delivery is if you want to use any pain relief, such as acupressure or a massage. Details like these are important to consider and should be considered because each delivery is unique, and it allows those who are taking care of you to know what is best for you.  

 What Should I Expect During My Pregnancy? 

Another way you can begin preparing yourself for your pregnancy besides making a birth plan is to understand what you should expect as your body begins changing. Early into your pregnancy, you may experience mood swings, a change in appetite, or maybe even a loss in weight. Later into your pregnancy, you may become less nauseous as you become more comfortable with your pregnancy. However, if you begin experiencing severe swelling and nausea, you should check-up with your doctor because these may be signs of preeclampsia, which can lead to death or coma if left untreated.  

When you begin reaching the final stages of your pregnancy, you may begin feeling more back pain as your child is growing, which can make it difficult to relax. You may also notice that you are making more frequent trips to the bathroom, and this is because the pressure of your baby sits on top of your bladder. An additional symptom because of the pressure in your stomach is indigestion. A solution to ease indigestion and heartburn is to eat more healthily and to make sure to avoid eating foods rich in fat. Throughout your pregnancy, you should keep track of your symptoms to ensure that there are no irregularities that need to be treated. Taking these small steps during your pregnancy can help ensure that when your baby comes, it will be a healthy delivery. 

 Unplanned Pregnancy Help 

If you have found out that you are unexpectedly pregnant, you can still gain some control over your unplanned pregnancy by creating a birth plan and a plan for how to care for your baby. An unplanned pregnancy can complicate things in your life, but there are birth mother resources for you if you need help deciding how to approach your unplanned pregnancy. If you decide to carry through with your pregnancy but still find yourself unable to take care of the child, you can choose to go through with a Wichita adoption. While this may seem like a difficult choice, and that it may seem like you are “giving” up your child, that is not the case. When you choose adoption, you are giving your child a better future. It is a hard choice made because of love. If you are still hesitant about putting your child up for adoption, you should consider that adoption would provide your child with a loving family and a supportive environment to grow up in.  

If you have decided to pursue an adoption, there are many resources available to help you through the Kansas adoption process. There are many ways to pursue private adoption in Kansas, at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we provide resources before birth, during birth, and even after birth. We want to ensure that your pregnancy is as stress-free as possible since pregnancy can be very taxing. We provide counseling during and after pregnancy to meet all of your emotional needs. As well as counseling, Adoption Choices of Kansas can provide financial resources for you. 

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