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What is Adoption Grief, and How to Overcome it? 

By Rose O’Connor 

When placing your child up for adoption, you may experience different feelings and emotions. You may have feelings related to loss or grief. Going through the adoption process is a big step in your journey. You may have a hard time validating the first step, knowing that it’s the hardest step. That is why Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to guide you every step of the way. Contacting us is a big step, and we know how hard the process can be. That is why we offer all the necessary resources for you and your child. 

What are Grief and Loss When Going Through Adoption 

Grief is the natural response to a way of loss. When you are giving a child up for adoption, it can feel like a loss. Grief in adoption may look like having feelings of regret, trauma, and loss. You may feel like you did something wrong, or you may have the feeling of rethinking your decision. But know that choosing adoption for your child is the right choice, and you are helping your child in many ways.

Different Steps to Take to Overcome Grief When Placing Your Baby for Adoption

At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we advocate for many resources to further help you with the adoption process and plan. We offer assistance such as financial, housing, medical, and emotional. But taking these small steps can further advocate you to practice bigger ways to cope with grief. Here are some steps to take. 

Take Time to Do Something That You Love When Going Through the Adoption Process 

Going through adoption can be a lot. You are going through many steps and making a lot of big decisions. That is why taking time to do something you enjoy can be a benefit to your journey. It can be anything you enjoy! You may enjoy taking a walk in a quiet area, or you may enjoy just watching your favorite tv show. These may seem small, and you may wonder why doing these little things is worth the time. This is because even though it is a small gesture to yourself, you are doing yourself a big favor. Taking time out of your busy adoption journey to do something you love is a huge benefit for your well-being.

When Placing Your Child for Adoption, Know That Pain is Temporary 

The adoption journey may feel like a long process. Even if it is that case, know that it will eventually end. Once the finalization is in place, you will know that your child is in a loving and nurturing home. This is by working with Adoption Choices of Kansas to choose the best adoptive family for your child. Remember that going through difficult roads leads to beautiful destinations. Going through your adoption journey may feel stressful and have a lot of different related emotions. But in the end, you have made the best decision for you and your child. 

Consider The Different Ways of Bonding With Your Child Through Your Adoption Journey 

Thinking about different ways to bond with your child while going through adoption is a great benefit to cope with your emotions! At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we have adoption options where you get more in-depth details about open, semi-open, and closed adoption. These different types of adoptions are the idea of how open you want the communication to be between you and your child. Moreover, we advocate the idea of open adoption. Open adoption is when you and your chosen adoptive family agree to have more open communication with each other. You can see each other in person or via video call. 

Know that You Are Making the Right Decision When You Work with Adoption Choices of Kansas 

During your adoption journey, you may have a moment of realization that you have placed your child with an adoptive family. However, it is important to know that you have made the best decision for you and your child. Therefore, every professional that works with us knows that this process is not easy. It takes time to process through grief and loss. That is why we provide additional resources that you may need during your journey. One of the beneficial resources that will keep you rest assured is a home study.

A Home Study is the first step for your chosen adoptive family! This Is to receive more information about the prospective adoptive family. We also provide different insights into going through the adoption process and what they need to do as well. We make sure to go through a home study checklist to ensure that this adoptive family matches you and your child’s needs. 

Contact Our Adoption Agencies to Get Further Counseling Support

Our agencies are filled with staff who are licensed social workers and counselors. Moreover, they will provide further assistance to help you cope with grief. 

Our adoption agencies in Kansas are private as well. This means that we will work with you one on one with your adoption plan. When you search for how to give a baby up for adoption, you will be met with your local adoption agency! Moreover, we are a licensed, full-service and local private adoption agency. Here is a more in-depth perspective of our agency. 

  • Licensed: This means that we are held to our highest standards. We make sure that you feel safe with us and that you are comfortable with working on your plan.
  • Full-service: We will take care of you from the beginning of your adoption journey to the end. This ensures that you feel the most comfortable when going through your adoption journey. 
  • Local: We can meet you face-to-face! This can be in person, or it can be a video call! Choose what makes you feel the most comfortable. 

You Are Not Alone In Your Adoption Journey, and We Are Here To Help!

When working with Adoption Choices of Kansas, know that you are being taken care of every step of the way! We want to make sure that you are provided with the necessary resources for you and your child. Additionally, we advocate to further assist you with the emotions you may have during your adoption journey; when you are searching for how to give a baby up for adoption, you will be met with an agency to further help you along the journey. 

If you are a woman who is considering adoption, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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