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What is Adoption Disruption and Why is it Important to Me as a Birth Mother?

By Hannah Bayly

As you are learning about the adoption process, you may hear the term “adoption disruption” come up. If you have not heard of this term before, then you’re in the right place. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you should know what adoption disruption is and the impacts it can have.

Adoption Choices of Kansas has the expertise required to help if you are questioning your adoption plan. We are a private adoption service that offers resources to help you decide if adoption is the right path for you. If you are having doubts or don’t feel fully informed about your choices, please reach out to us! We are here to help answer all of your questions so that you are comfortable and confident in your decisions.

What is Adoption Disruption?

You may have heard of an adoption “failing” or “falling through.” The technical term for these situations is “adoption disruption.” Adoption disruption occurs when a birth mother changes her mind about pursuing adoption. An adoption disruption can technically happen both before and after the adoption is legally final. In the context of private adoption agencies in Kansas, adoption disruptions most often occur before the adoption is final.

Adoption disruption occurs for many reasons. One of the main reasons disruption occurs is due to birth mothers not being fully informed about her decision. Disruption can also happen when a mother becomes attached to her child. In this situation, a birth mother might decide to parent their child because of the strong attachment they have formed. Other times, a change in environment or circumstances in a birth mother’s life may lead to disruption. A birth mother could experience a change in her financial situation and decide that she can provide for her child.

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming at times. Adoption might feel like the best choice at first, but that may change over time. You have the right to change your mind before the adoption is finalized. Making the choice between adoption and parenting your baby can be difficult, but Adoption Choices of Kansas can help. Even if you change your mind, we will be here to treat you with compassion and understanding.

What Are the Impacts of Adoption Disruption?

It can be hard to discuss adoption disruption. It can be even harder to discuss the impacts of adoption disruption. Some adoption agencies in Kansas may hesitate to discuss the topic to avoid putting a negative light on birth mothers. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we want you to be informed. We believe that being informed and confident in your choices is empowering. While adoption disruption can have an emotional impact on everyone involved, that does not mean you don’t get to choose. It’s important to establish the fact that a birth mother is not a bad person for changing her mind.

When adoption disruption occurs, it can be hard for the birth mother and the adoptive parents. The adoptive parents will likely feel a great sense of loss. They may also feel confused, sad, or angry. They may even feel all of these emotions at once, or go through them over a period of time. While it can be extremely hard, the adoptive parents have the right to feel their emotions. Feeling these emotions is natural. However, it’s important for the adoptive parents to cope and process in a healthy way in order to heal.

In situations where an adoption is disrupted, the birth mother may feel very guilty. She may also question if she is selfish. Just like with the adoptive parents, it’s natural for her to feel these difficult emotions. Again, coping and processing these emotions in a healthy way is essential for her to heal. During this time, both parties should turn to their support systems for understanding and compassion.

Available Resources at Adoption Choices of Kansas 

When you choose Adoption Choices of Kansas, you will have our resources at your fingertips. We offer timely, efficient assistance and the most accurate information so that you can be confident in your decision. When you begin working with us, you will receive one-on-one attention to ensure you are supported. Our compassionate and knowledgeable adoption professionals can provide expert guidance, making sure you understand the entire process. Even if you are just curious about adoption as an option., our staff is here to answer your questions.

Working with an Adoption Center to Prevent Adoption Disruption

Adoption Choices of Kansas aims to prevent adoption disruption from occuring by ensuring that birth mothers are fully informed. If you are a  birth mother and feel like you have questions that aren’t answered, take a moment to pause. Going through the adoption process can be overwhelming, but it’s essential to understand each choice you make. When working with Adoption Choices of Kansas, we will walk you through each step. 

Preventing disruption from occurring starts with being informed. If you are informed, you are equipped to make the best decision. If you are looking for more information on adoption in Kansas, we can help. If you are a birth mother, we can offer informational resources in addition to financial assistance, counseling, and more. If you are hoping to adopt and searching for “home study for adoption near me,” we can help. Reach out to us via text, phone, or in-person today to begin your adoption journey!

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