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What Is an Adoption Plan and How Do You Make One with Adoption Choices of Kansas?

By Kennedy Wood

Learning about an unplanned pregnancy can add a lot of stress to your already full life. If you have recently learned you’re pregnant and are deciding that parenthood isn’t for you, you’re not alone! According to the CDC, about half of pregnancies worldwide are unexpected and there are mothers who choose to work with an adoption agency every day. You are probably dealing with a lot of uncertainty and questions; Adoption Choices of Kansas wants to be with you every step of the way along your journey! 

What Is an Adoption Plan?

The adoption process in Kansas may seem very overwhelming, but you will have a support system for the entire time! We want the adoption process to be as easy and fulfilling as it can be for you and your child. An adoption plan is a plan you put together once you find out you are pregnant. This plan can be as easy as five steps or if you need a little extra support you can cater to those needs within the plan. These five steps include:

  • Contact a professional for help. 
  • Come to an understanding of what is best for you and your child. 
  • Choosing the type of adoption you want. 
  • Selecting a birth plan. 
  • Seek out post-placement counseling.

Adoption plans are made in order for you to feel confident in your decision-making. An adoption plan will have you organized and able to answer the hard questions that you are facing as a mother. If you feel as though the given adoption plan above is too vague for you, feel free to take away and add whatever you feel is necessary! After all, the most important factor is making sure you and your child get what you both need and deserve. Adoption agencies in Kansas will make this part of the process easy, manageable, and realistic for you and your child. 

Making an Adoption Plan in Kansas

Making an adoption plan may seem scary but hopefully you are starting to feel better about the process. The first thing you need to do once you find out about your pregnancy is contact a professional health provider. By doing this you will ensure that you and your baby are safe and healthy. From there you can contact one of our adoption agencies in Kansas near you. Once you have had your first meeting with your chosen agency, you will begin to create your adoption plan.

Types of Adoption to Choose

Before choosing a family, you must decide what type of adoption you wish to pursue. The first would be an open adoption. An open adoption allows you to have full communication with the adoptive family and child. This adoption allows you to still have and grow a relationship with the child. The second option would be a semi-open adoption, this allows you to have indirect contact through a website called ChildConnect. The last adoption you can proceed with is a closed adoption, with this you will not have any communication with the adoptive family or child.  

Choosing the Adoptive Family

During this process, you will begin to choose the family you wish to adopt your child. The agency will help match you with families based on your personal preferences. Once the matching begins, you can also get financial support from the agency if needed. The next step would be to decide what you want your birth plan to be. In your birth plan, you decide who you want in the room with you and you can talk to the adoptive family about your wishes and needs the day you give birth. While at the hospital, you will be provided with a Birth Parent Counselor who will be there to advocate for you and your needs. This ensures that you and your child’s rights are being kept in mind throughout that last part of the process. From there you will give your final consent and the adoptive family will leave with the child. 

Post-Placement Support

The last step in the adoption plan that we recommend to mothers is seeking out post-placement support. You and the adoptive family can agree to have post-placement communication which could range from receiving pictures every once in a while to being able to visit the child. This can be very emotionally troubling for many mothers and we want you to know that there is no shame in your decisions or for needing emotional support when it’s all said and done. Counseling will be offered to you during this time so you can have the emotional support you deserve. 

The Choice of Adoption is Yours! 

The best part about this whole process is you are able to make the decisions you need without judgment or pushback. We know the kind of problems that can arise in someone’s life when they learn about an unexpected pregnancy and we are here to ensure that you, as a birth mother, have people advocating for you and protecting you throughout the duration of your pregnancy and beyond. Although we will guide you through the process, ultimately, the choice is yours! You decide exactly what you want your adoption plan, birth plan, etc. to be and we will be there to make those things happen for you. For more information on the adoption process, you can contact Adoption Choices of Kansas via phone or through our website. We can’t wait to help you through your journey!  


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