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What is Life After Adoption Like for Birth Mothers?

by Rachel Smith

Putting a child up for adoption can be draining. With the legal requirements, tons of papers, and labor, birth mothers may feel out of it. But what happens after an adoption is finalized on paper? Legally, it may be the end. But for birth moms, it is only the beginning. There are many problems that can arise after the birth and adoption of your baby. After serving many different birth families in Kansas, Adoption Choices of Kansas is aware of these various conflicts. Our Wichita adoption agency cares about their birth mothers–before and after the birthing and adoption process. Both tasks can be extremely draining on the birth mother, and it is hard to get back up. Luckily, the agency does not stop its support after birth and adoption. Our Kansas adoption agencies are here to help birth moms to return to the sense of normalcy they desire.

Can I Receive Counseling After Adoption?

Birthing a child is no easy feat. It could take hours to go through the labor process, even days in some cases. Combined with the strenuous adoption process, recovery can be tough. For this reason, Adoption Choices of Kansas offers counseling to birth mothers before and after the adoption process. Our counselors specialize in adoption counseling, understanding the many emotions you may be going through. As an adoption agency, we receive various cases and situations. Our counselors bring this experience with them, treating birth mothers with the respect and dignity they deserve. They assist moms by providing a safe space to process these distressing emotions. This service is available to birth mothers whenever they feel ready. Mental well-being is a top priority, and Adoption Choices of Kansas wants to meet this need.

Is Financial Aid Still Available After Adoption?

Life after adoption can be financially strenuous. In many households, money is tight. There are many expenses in everyday life, even if you are only caring for yourself. Finances may only get tighter after birth, when birth mothers are out of work recovering from labor. In cases like these, finances can be a big concern. To combat this worry, Adoption Choices of Kansas offers financial support for birth mothers. Living expenses like rent or safe houses can be covered by the agency. Grocery and medical bills also fall under this category. Our private adoption agency firmly believes that money should be the last thing birth mothers worry about as they recover. By providing this support, Adoption Choices of Kansas hopes to ease financial burdens and rid birth mothers of excess stress. 

Can I Contact the Adoptee After Adoption?

As a private adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Kansas allows birth parents to determine correspondence with the adoptee after adoption. Birth parents can choose from three different types of adoption: open, semi-open, and closed. They range from direct communication with adoptive families to zero communication, and lead to many outcomes in between. This decision is typically made in adoption plans. Adoption plans are organizational tools that assist birth parents as they navigate adoption in Kansas. They are created with the guidance of an experienced adoption counselor and act as a “game plan” of sorts. These plans can discuss birthing plans, Kansas adoption requirements, and more specifically types of adoption. After a discussion with your adoption counselor, you will be able to select an adoption type that best suits you. 

Adoption Choices of Kansas can also keep track of your child’s well-being. Regardless of how you choose to keep in touch, our agency requires adoptive families’ openness to sending yearly updates. These letters and pictures can increase or decrease in frequency depending on comfort levels, but our standard stays the same. Despite the termination of parental rights, life after adoption doesn’t have to leave the adoptee out of the picture.

Can I Start a Family After Adoption?

Contrary to popular belief, pursuing adoption now does not mean you can’t start a family later. There are many factors that determine whether starting a family is right for you. There are some life stages where individuals are more prepared to raise a child. Though you might have chosen adoption in the present, there is always a possibility of family in the future. And, though the adoption process cannot be reversed, you can always communicate with the adoptee if you so choose. 

How Can I Access Post-Adoption Support? 

Life after placing a baby for adoption can be difficult, but it will not be lonely. Our agencies for adoption in Wichita Kansas are here for you every step of the way. Adoption Choices of Kansas is dedicated to providing the support birth parents need. We understand that there are many difficult situations that birth mothers struggle with, and hope to ease this stress. Contact adoption agencies near you for unplanned pregnancy and post-placement support. Call or text us 24/7 at 316-209-2071 today.

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