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What Is the Role of the Birth Father in Adoption in Kansas? 

By Patricia Arce

When a birth mother is making the incredible decision to put her baby up for adoption, she may also be wondering what the birth father’s role should be. For a lot of birth fathers, the adoption process can be a complex decision. They should understand their rights and potential role to navigate a challenging and ultimately rewarding experience. 

Adoption is a thorough process and private adoption services aim to help birth mothers and birth fathers through all their available options. Within the state of Kansas, at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we want to provide support and information for all those involved in the adoption process.

What Are Birth Father’s Rights? 

The adoption American families go through involves navigating complex legal and emotional challenges. So, the requirements to adopt a child varies state to state. To adopt in Kansas, the law requires that birth fathers are notified about the adoption plan. 

This notification allows the birth father to assert his parental rights and participate in the adoption process. As well, a birth father’s legal rights, concerning the process, depend on his relationship with the birth mother. Marital status can affect a birth father’s role automatically. His established paternity or denial of paternity will affect his role as well. Regardless, a birth father’s consent to be involved or to not be involved is needed. 

Birth Father Consent

Usually, before the adoption plan can move forward, the birth father must give his consent to the adoption. Specifically, if the birth father is married to the birth mother or has established paternity, the birth father’s consent is required for adoption. However, his rights can be terminated by a court.

Birth Father Contesting an Adoption

When you contest adoption, you legally challenge or oppose the adoption process at any stage. A birth father can only contest if he has established paternity. 

The Importance of Establishing Paternity during the Adoption Process

An unplanned pregnancy can even happen within a marriage, and that would give presumed paternity for the birth father. If you are unmarried, you must establish paternity to be involved with the adoption plan. An adoption center can not move forward with the process if paternity is left a mystery. Establishing your paternity may involve acknowledging paternity through a legal process or submitting genetic testing. 

When paternity is established, birth fathers can be more involved in all the adoption services. They can help choose the adoptive family and the level of communication. They can select their ideal adoption plan: closed or open adoption. There are so many things a birth father can take part in once paternity is established and acknowledged.

What Are the Options for Birth Fathers Contesting Adoption? 

Once a birth father has established paternity and is seen as the legal father over the child, the birth father can contest the adoption if he wants to. The adoption process can not proceed without the consent of the legal father. There are many resolutions during a time of contestment to solve the disagreement.

  • Selecting an Adoption Plan

A birth father may find he disagrees with one adoption plan or another. A period of contentment can be resolved after communicating each person’s wants and needs. 

  • Resuming Custody

If the birth father’s contest moves into a legal process, a birth father may accept full custody of the child. The birth mother would have to terminate parental rights for this to happen.

  • Provide Support

If the birth father does not want to have sole custody of the child, he may try to provide financial compensation to the birth mother. This relationship is considered child support.

Seeking Legal Counsel During the Adoption Process

It’s easy to be nervous about a birth father’s role in adoption. A private adoption service, like Adoption Choices of Kansas, can provide you with emotional counseling when you contact us. We can offer a stable, nurturing, and informative environment while assisting you with your adoption process. 

However, it is just as important to seek out legal counsel. If a birth father challenges the adoption, a hearing will be held to establish whether the adoption is in the best interest of the child. It is necessary to have the best kind of support during that time, and we can point you in the right direction. So, if you need pregnant help, we can offer support and resources.

Contact Adoption Choices of Kansas for More Information

At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we want to provide you with love and support during your search for adoption help. A birth father’s roles are just like a birth mother’s. They are crucial to the adoption process. A birth father’s consent during adoption is completely necessary for the adoption process to continue. He may contest the adoption, but you will have our support during that time. These complex and emotional decisions do not have to fall on your shoulders alone. We can help you navigate your adoption today.

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