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What is the Role of the Birth Father in the Adoption Process in Kansas?

By Tyler Jeremiah

In conversations about adoption, the focus tends to be on only one of the birth parents: the mother. And to a certain extent, this makes sense. The mother is not only dealing with the pressures of pregnancy but also 

But what about the birth father? When facing an unplanned pregnancy, the father and his feelings can often be overlooked, leaving many men feeling confused about their role. We here at Adoption Choices of Kansas will explain what birth fathers need to know about their responsibilities during the adoption process. 

Recognizing Birth Fathers’ Feelings in Adoption

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming for anybody. Birth parents who were not expecting or planning on getting pregnant tend to experience a complicated array of emotions. While it is common for societal sympathies to fall on the birth mother, it’s important to recognize the feelings of the birth father as well. 

Many men, raised and conditioned to conceal their strong emotions, find it difficult to process their feelings throughout the adoption process. From embarrassment to insecurity, from fear to confusion, birth fathers can have a wide range of responses to an unplanned pregnancy. 

If you’re a birth father currently facing an unplanned pregnancy, it’s important to know that you are not alone. Here at Adoption Choices of Kansas, our adoption specialists are well-equipped to support birth fathers throughout the adoption process. They will answer any and all of your questions about the process and your role in it, as well as connect you to other birth fathers if you want community support. You do not have to feel these complicated emotions alone. 

What Are a Birth Father’s Rights?

Birth fathers have different legal rights depending on what state they live in. Different states are going to be more or less sympathetic to birth fathers’ rights. This is especially the case pertaining to legal custody, as certain criteria must be met in order for birth fathers to be legally recognized as the father. 

As a birth father, you have every right to establish legal paternity, as this will guarantee them more rights in the case of any legal custody battles. However, it should be noted that each state has different requirements when it comes to this process.

Birth fathers also have the right to object to an adoption, though, once again, this may involve a complicated legal process with the birth mother and the state. If you, as a birth father, do not object to an adoption, however, you have every right to be as much a part of the adoption process as you wish. 

What Are a Birth Father’s Responsibilities?

Lastly, let’s go over the responsibilities of birth fathers throughout the adoption process. One of the benefits of choosing adoption is the freedom and flexibility of the process. And this goes for birth mothers as well as birth fathers. 

As mentioned above, different states bestow different rights upon birth fathers depending on each situation. Depending on your rights, your responsibilities change as well. However, regardless of your unique situation, if you desire to be a part of the adoption process, there is nothing prohibiting you from doing so. 

What this means is that you have the option to work with the birth mother to cultivate an adoption plan that works for both of you. This means choosing an adoptive family, being open to adoption, and developing a birth plan. If you and the birth mother disagree about certain things, you also have the option to create separate adoption plans. For example, if she wishes to pursue a closed adoption, ceasing all contact with the child post-placement, but you would rather stay in contact, you are well within your right to do so. 

Another aspect of the adoption process that many birth fathers wonder about is that of child support. Once the adoption is complete, you will have legally waived any and all rights and responsibilities over your child. What this means is that you relinquish any and all financial obligations towards the child. Birth fathers are not responsible for paying child support once the adoption is finalized. 

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As you can see, birth fathers have an important role to play in the adoption process. While they may not have as many guaranteed rights as birth mothers, they still have a valuable role to play. If you’re a birth father facing an unplanned pregnancy, reaching out to an adoption agency near you will help you to plan for and process the adoption experience. 

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