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What will be Included in Adoption Post-Placement Services? 

By: Manuel Serritos 

Pregnancy can be a difficult time for a birth mother. Pregnancy can make it more challenging to work or even finish school. Having to consider the baby’s well-being while managing your own can make it difficult to find a proper balance. Pregnancy is not an easy time if you do not have the proper resources available to assist you. Having resources during and after pregnancy can make all the difference. If you are considering adoption and need help with resources and post-placement services, consider adoption with Adoption Choices of Kansas

Choosing Adoption in Kansas with Adoption Choices

When considering adoption and you realize, “I can’t take care of my baby,” know you have support from us. We will provide you with pregnant adoption help. Taking care of a child is not an easy task and can be draining financially. If you are not prepared for this lifelong responsibility, that is okay. If you are at this place, know you have options, and adoption is one of the best choices. 

Learning how adoption works is not as complex as it may seem at first. A quick search of “adoption agencies near me” will bring up many results when initially considering Kansas or Wichita adoption. Adopting out your baby is not an easy decision, but choosing a reputable agency does not have to be. Adoption Choices of Kansas comes to meet you when you are considering the adoption process. We will help you figure out if adoption in Kansas is right for you and the beginning steps to take. All the decisions made are yours and yours alone. At any point in the adoption process, you are able to change your mind about any decisions made. We treat birth mothers with respect and dignity. 

Types of Resources for Birth Mothers 

Adoption Choices of Kansas helps the mom with various resources before delivery. From clothing to have a proper place to stay during your pregnancy, we will help provide you with essentials. Other resources we can help provide include food, rent, transportation, phone service, groceries, and medical care. Regardless of where you are in your pregnancy, your Adoption Counselor will help you figure out what support is needed. Although you do not get paid directly for adoption, you may receive financial support depending on your situation. Pregnancy can be a difficult time, so having the proper resources can make things a bit easier.   

Post Pregnancy Adoption Support in Kansas

While there is much support given to birth mothers during pregnancy, the resources we provide do not end with delivery. Once your child is born, types of support may continue if it has been previously discussed with your adoption counselor. Putting your baby up for adoption is not an easy decision, and we are there to help support you. Feelings of pain or loss might not resonate after delivery but may still happen at a point in the future. In the case that does happen to you, we are here to help with post-placement support. 

One form of post-placement support can be through open adoptions. With open adoptions, you will be able to choose and know your child’s adopted family. Having the option of choosing your child’s family can make giving up your baby for adoption an easier decision. Having this choice allows you to know your child will be in a loving home. With open adoptions, you will also have the opportunity to play a role in your child’s life to a limited degree. Oftentimes this takes the form of scheduled meet-ups and photo exchanges. This allows you to get to know your child without having the added pressures of parenthood. 

Another form of post-placement support is support counseling. With support counseling, there are trained and compassionate counselors ready to provide you with a sense of comfort. Our team is there to help you navigate through any feelings that might arise to support your decisions. Another form of post-placement support we provide is financial assistance. For up to six weeks after delivery, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance if approved. With this financial assistance, it may be able to help with moving on from your pregnancy and furthering yourself. 

Support for My Kansas Adoption

Choosing adoption is not an easy task for any birth mother. But know that adoption is an act of love for all those who are involved. From placing your child in a loving home to the support we provide before and after placement, adoption helps all. Regardless of pregnancy status, Adoption Choices of Kansas is there to provide birth mothers with resources before and after delivery. 

Choosing adoption is not giving up. If you need unplanned pregnancy help now, Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond. We can help with teen pregnancy, financial assistance, difficult situations, and more. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call Us 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-209-2071. 

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