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Who is a Birth Father?

You may have a lot of assumptions about who a birth father is and what he means to you and to your child. You may also wonder  what he will mean to your child’s future adoptive parents. 

These are both great and natural questions to have. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help you find answers. We feel that it is important for you to know just who a birth father is, and how he could potentially affect your future.. 

So, Who is a Birth Father?

The Short Version

The short definition of a birth father is the man that is the father of your child. Nothing more, and nothing less than this. There are no descriptive words about a birth father in this definition, and this can hurt when it comes to recognizing who a birth father is. Birth fathers are more than a random person, and we feel that avoiding the short definition is best. Think to yourself: what impact will a birth father have on me and my child? Is he more than a man who will father your child? There is much more to this short definition, and we will be taking it a step further.

Whatever the case may be, you and your child’s birth father are some of the most important people in your future child’s life. When you think of your child’s birth father, stay away from this definition. A birth father is so much more than the man who got you pregnant. Whether he is physically present or not, he is your partner and wants to see you succeed with your pregnancy and your adoption process.

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The Long Version

Now to address the longer definition we mentioned above. If you’re thinking, He is so much more than that, too — you are absolutely right!  Take a few moments to really think about what he means to you. How and why he is an important person in your life. This will reveal a lot about how he will affect both your future and that of your child’s. 

Remember — not only is the man you conceived with, but he is also a legal parent of your child. If you two are still together, you will need to agree that adoption is the right choice for your family unit and both sign away your parental rights. However, if he isn’t currently in the picture, you will need to let him know of your decision and have him sign away his parental rights before the adoption can be finalized. 

Informing the birth father is a very important part of the adoption journey. It allows him time to process and think about whether or not he agrees with the adoption plan. Feeling anxious and overwhelmed are very common and natural emotions to have during this time. It doesn’t matter whether you are first-time parents, just building a relationship or already raising children together. Having a child is a life-changing event, and you both need to decide what is best for you — together and separate. Talk out your feelings, voice your questions and concerns. You and the birth father are a team. Does he support you? Does he want to be involved at all? Why or why not? 

This may have been a large amount of information to process; but, in the end, the birth father’s involvement can be up to you. Deciding how you choose to proceed with him can create your definition of a birth father. 

Who a Birth Father is

So, who is a birth father? Ultimately, a birth father is more than the man who is biologically related to your child. He not only supports you, but he supports your child. He looks after you during your pregnancy and throughout the adoption journey. He sees the importance of fatherhood, and strives to ensure success with your adoption. In life, you have to choose your path, and seeing how much you want your partner involved is key towards a successful adoption process. Your child has two parents, and this includes the birth father. Without the birth father’s involvement, how can you know what he is capable of regarding supporting you, and your child?

Remember to take some time to really think about your partner and his future relationship with your child. What does he do best in the adoption process? How does he currently help you? Does this include, perhaps, sitting with you and looking for adoptive couples or singles? Does he help you financially prepare to have your child? The long definition of a birth father is ultimately up to you, and with guidance, we hope to see that you keep your partner involved in the adoption process as much as possible. Your partner genuinely cares about the entire adoption journey, and wants to see a successful adoption result from all the stresses that occur along the way. Without open communication, and being involved, it can be difficult for your partner to be able to help you throughout your pregnancy, and adoption process. Now, I will ask this question to you. Who is a birth father, and what does he mean to you and your future child? 

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Author Bio: Hello! My name is Jason and I am an Editorial Intern for Adoption Choices for the Summer of 2020! To read more about Jason, click here!!



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