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Adoption is one of the most difficult decisions that any mother can make. It is already an emotional time for the woman as she may be surprised by the pregnancy, unsure of how to move forward, or faced with a lack of support from her family or community. Sometimes, these variables may cause the woman to doubt the viability of adoption. It can feel like adoption is giving up and admitting that you are unsuitable to be a mother. While there can be many conflicting emotions regarding adoption, it is important to recognize that adoption is not only a viable option, but also, it is a wonderful choice to give your child a better life.

Adoption is the opportunity for birth mothers to give their children a life that they cannot provide. It is one of the most loving sacrifices a mother can make. In choosing adoption, you have the ability to give your child the best life possible. Creating an adoption plan allows the birth mother to have an active role in the adoption process. She can choose an adoptive family that will best meet her desires for how she wants her child to be raised. This allows birth mothers to be more confident in her decision, and feel comfortable that their child will be given the best opportunity to succeed.

Placing your child for adoption is recognizing your own needs in addition to your child’s. If you choose adoption, for whatever reason, you are acknowledging that you are not in the best position to take on this responsibility. You are not giving up, rather, you are providing a more permanent option for your child that you may not be able to provide in your current situation. By choosing adoption, you are not abandoning your child. Rather, you are meeting their needs and providing them will a loving family. Depending on your adoption plan, you may also be able to communicate and possibly even see your child. You can still have an active role in your child’s life.

Finally, choosing adoption can be difficult and is often met with many conflicting emotions. However, it is not “giving up.” Rather this choice is one of the most selfless and loving acts you can give your child. Adoption can be difficult, but if you decide that it is what’s best for you and for your child it can have many benefits.

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