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Why Birth Mothers Choose Adoption in Kansas

By Laysha Macedo

Parenthood and adoption are equally difficult paths to embark on. When it comes to the adoption process, it begins with the birth mother’s decision to place a baby for adoption. To place a baby for adoption is not an easy decision to make. To do so, you must explore all options available to you and decide what is best, not just for yourself but for your baby as well. After careful consideration, you may opt for adoption. The reason for this choice could be anything from financial instability to not wanting to be a mother. Regardless, the resilience and strength of birth mothers going through an adoption plan are to be commended.

At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we hope to bring awareness to the perspectives of birth mothers in their decision-making process.  

Birth Mothers Choose Adoption Due to Finances 

Taking care of children goes beyond emotional support and parenting. Having a child is being financially responsible for that child as they grow up. This encompasses clothes, diapers, school supplies, and meals. All of these expenses add up, and not everyone’s financial situation is ready to support a child. Not to mention, as prices in general rise, it may become more difficult for some birth parents to financially care for themselves alone. An unplanned pregnancy may come at a time of already existing financial distress, which may lead birth mothers to place their baby for adoption.

Birth Mothers Choose Adoption If They Do Not Want Children 

Another reason for choosing adoption could be not having the desire to be a parent. Not everyone wants to have a child; parenthood is a unique and challenging journey to traverse. The challenges and commitment needed to care for a child can be overwhelming, an understandable feeling. Many people, especially as societal norms have changed, have opted to live without children. Birth mothers can form part of this group. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, a birth mother can choose adoption to help someone who does wish to be a parent. Adoption agencies in Kansas can help birth parents and adoptive parents alike in carrying out their adoption plans.

Birth Mothers Choose Adoption If They Are Not Ready

As mentioned before, having a baby is a financial responsibility as well as emotional. The emotional support part of being a parent is composed of multiple parts. Some include having the time, attention, space and circumstances to give that child the best situation possible. Birth mothers could be in the midst of college or job searching. They could be a teenager still finding their place in the world or someone unsure of the next step in their life. There are a variety of situations that birth mothers may deem unprepared for the arrival of a child. Some birth mothers in these situations may desire motherhood, just not yet. Regardless of the circumstances, birth mothers could find themselves not ready to have a child. 

Birth Mothers Choose Adoption If They Lack Resources or Support

Besides finances, support, and resources are also necessary for the well-being of a child. Having a support system is vital to helping a mother have confidence throughout her pregnancy and in taking care of her child. For some mothers, support can be in the form of the child’s father. It could also be friends, family, counselors, or anyone who can support her and the baby. Some birth mothers do not have this. From distant relationships to living on their own, they may lack important support systems that could make a difference in their journey through parenthood. Not having the support available may lead to their choice in adoption. 

Adoption Journey for Birth Mothers

Choosing adoption is difficult. Even though the birth mother will not be parenting the child, the adoption process alone is challenging and emotional. Going through pregnancy comes with physical and emotional tolls that birth mothers have to overcome. The work of choosing an agency and parents can also be stressful during this time. Finally, terminating parental rights and starting adoption finalization can lead to a period of grief and loss. While the choice was made for adoption, some birth mothers may still feel the loss. They may experience grief as they come to terms with their decision. 

Adoption Choices of Kansas is Here to Help

Reasons for adoption may vary from person to person. The responsibility of parenthood is weighing and it is understandable for birth parents to choose not to parent the child. Financial instability, lack of support and simply not wishing to be a parent are all valid reasons to choose adoption. Choosing adoption is never easy, but doing so will help a new family form. If you are a birth mother seeking more information on adoption agencies in Kansas, be sure to reach out to us at Adoption Choices of Kansas.

Be sure to research adoption agencies near you. Wichita adoption services and other support for birth mothers in Kansas are available. 

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