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Why Choose Adoption?

For many expectant women facing an unplanned pregnancy, adoption arises as a possible option. Adoption allows a child at chance at life, and it allows those who may not be able to financially support a child or raise them in a good community to find someone who can give their child the life that they deserve. Today, we at Adoption Choices of Kansas want to talk about why choosing adoption is a wonderful option, if not the best option, for your child given the personal situation that you may be in. 

As stated previously, some of the most common reasons for pregnant women choosing adoption include financial situations, situations where the child is not raised in a good home, and situations such as incarceration or possible death where the parent will not be around for a long period of time. We will discuss in particular why these reasons can lead to adoption and why adoption works as the best means of life regarding a pregnant woman and her choices. 

Financial situations:

  • The reality of most Americans is that they live paycheck to paycheck. They can barely support themselves and if they can’t support themselves, how can they be able to successfully support their child financially? Raising a baby can be expensive. 
  • Some Americans are also in situations where they live in a high taxed state even if they do make a good amount of money at their job. Some may live on food stamps and the amount that they receive may not be enough to support a child. 

Home Life Environment:

  • Even though home buying and building is becoming more popular, some americans can’t afford a new home. Therefore, they may live in an older home with physical threats such as a wall barely standing up or not having anymore water. The environment that a baby is raised in is critical for them to be able to live a healthy infancy.
  • Some pregnant women may still live with their parents or they may live with someone who they know won’t be comfortable with a baby in the home. Parents want their babies to live as good of a life as possible and their home environment may not allow that to happen.


  • Nobody is perfect and unfortunately it is very common for pregnant women to be behind bars for sentences as long as life. If they are pregnant while incarcerated, the baby will be forced to grow up inside of prison or the birth mother may be forced to have the child adopted. A prison is also not the best place to raise a baby due to the obvious poor environment. 
  • Even though most prisons are keeping men and women separate, there are instances where a woman can get pregnant behind bars from examples such as rape. Birth mothers want to see their baby raised properly on the outside and not have to be exposed to the horrors of prison.


  • The worst possible scenario that can happen to a birth mother is death. Everybody will die at one point or another and a baby can’t take care of themselves. Even though the child will never meet their birth mother, they can be raised by their adoptive mother throughout their life. 
  • It is also not uncommon for a mother to pass away during labor. The baby can’t take care of themselves and they want to be raised in the best environment possible. 

Adoption can change the lives positively of all involved in the process. Remember to consider financial difficulties and the home life of the birth mother. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help you at any stage of the adoption process. Choosing adoption is a huge first step towards a lifetime of hope and happiness for all involved! 

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Author Bio: Hello! My name is Jason and I am an Editorial Intern for Adoption Choices for the Summer of 2020! To read more about Jason, click here!!


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