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Why Do We Say “Give Up Baby” for Adoption?

By Lea Reiner

Are you a birth mother considering adoption and are unsettled with the phrase “giving up” your baby? Adoption Choices of Kansas will help change your outlook on adoption by changing the stigma that comes with this phrase. 

The phrase “give up baby for adoption” has been used in society for decades. The phrase has an outdated stigma attached to it, which carries emotions of failure. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help change the stigma around this phrase and show you how selfless and courageous it is to place a child up for adoption.

We understand how hurtful this phrase can be, and we are here to highlight all of the positives of placing a child up for adoption. Adoption Choices of Kansas uses Positive Adoption Language (PAL) to help improve the adoption process for everyone involved. 

Shifting The Perspective From Negative to Positive about Adoption

An unplanned pregnancy is difficult and wanting to place your child up for adoption is a brave and selfless act. Birth mothers and birth parents have felt immense empowerment in making choices for not only their baby, but themselves as well. Placing your baby up for adoption shows how much you care for the life of your baby and yourself. Adoption agencies know that it shows so much love, compassion, and strength to make this decision. 

Shifting the perspective is beneficial for aiding in pregnancy help and the adoption process. In order to shift the perspective, we need to understand why the phrase “giving up” is harmful.

Why The Phrase “Giving Up” is Harmful

The phrase “giving up” is a potentially harmful phrase because it gives birth mothers a way of feeling like they have given up. The phrase has a stigma around adoption that is connected to the feeling of failure and judgment. This phrase gives the birth parents emotions of selfishness and shame. While birth parents are going through a difficult time making an important decision, it is best to use empowering phrases and positive adoption language instead of harmful phrases.

The importance of using positive adoption language for everyone involved in the adoption process to feel empowered and not judged. 

Positive Alternative Phrases for Adoption

Instead of using potentially harmful phrases, adoption agencies in Kansas use positive adoption language to help uplift birth mothers considering adoption. Some of these positive phrases are: 

  • “Making an adoption plan
  • “Placing a child”
  • “Choosing life through adoption”

These phrases will help turn the stigma of adoption into one of love, courage, and selflessness. Just by using positive language for adoption can make a big difference in making a decision best for everyone.

Using positive phrases and positive adoption language shifts the adoption experience into one of love while also helping end the stigma around adoption. It will help birth parents not feel criticized for making an adoption plan. It is important to use positive language because it will drive more birth parents to reach out to adoption agencies for a plan that is best for them. 

Adoption Choices of Kansas Provides Reassurance and Positivity for Choosing Adoption

Adoption Choices of Kansas understands how difficult of a decision it is to choose adoption as a birth plan. We are here to help ensure that choosing adoption does not mean giving up on a child. Choosing adoption is a very brave choice that is in the best interest of not only the child but the birth parents as well. It is our goal to make you feel strong in your selfless act of love for your child.

If you are a birth mother in need of support with starting your adoption journey, call or message Adoption Choices of Kansas now! We are here to reassure you in your decision to choose life through adoption.

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