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Your Rights as a Birth Mother in Kansas

Being in control of your adoption journey means making well-informed decisions every step of the way. That means not only being informed of all the options you have, but also, what your rights are as a birth mother. Your rights give you the freedom to tailor the terms of the adoption to your needs and wants up until placement. So, don’t be afraid to set boundaries using your rights where necessary. By doing so, you’ll be able to look back on your adoption journey with no regrets.

Here at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we want you to embark on an adoption journey that’s on your terms. That’s why we have provided this overview of your rights as a birth mother to help you understand the control you have throughout the entire process.

  1. You have the Right to Change Your Mind at any Time Up until Relinquishment

Whether you are a couple of weeks into your pregnancy or moments away from delivery, know that you can choose to keep the baby no matter how much planning has gone into the adoption. Nothing is final until you sign the relinquishment paperwork. In fact, if you are a birth mother in Kansas, you cannot give consent to relinquish your parental rights until 12 hours after you give birth. Your certainty over your decision is a top priority so that your adoption journey ends in a way that serves the interests of all involved.

  1. You have the Right to Choose the Type of Adoption to Pursue

There is no singular way to go about your relationship with the adoptive family and their soon-to-be child. You can choose to have no contact with the adoptive family during and after your pregnancy, or you could schedule visits with them every year after you give birth. And, of course, you can go with anything in between. In other words, you can choose to pursue a closed, open, or semi-open adoption

If you find a family that has many of the characteristics you’re looking for, but they envision your role in their lives differently than you do, it is completely reasonable for you to consider other families instead. Additionally, if you and your chosen adoptive family have already agreed to the amount of post placement contact you have with them, you can still renegotiate the level of contact as you deem necessary.

  1. You have the Right to Choose the Adoptive Family

You know your needs as well as the needs of the baby you will place for adoption better than anyone. You need to know that the family in which the baby will be placed will meet all those needs, and will give the child the opportunity to reach his or her potential. Adoption Choices of Kansas plays a key role in the decision making process, since we provide you with as many adoptive family profiles as you need to go through to find a family that’s the right fit for you. We also work very closely with you to understand what your must-haves, nice-to-haves, and deal breakers are, so that we can present you with prospective adoptive families who match what you’re looking for. 

When you know you’ve chosen a family that meets your criteria, you will be more confident in your decision and have a better relationship with them in the event that you choose open adoption. 

  1. You have the Right to Receive Counseling and Other Advice

As beautiful a thing as adoption is, it is not a matter to be taken lightly as it is a life-changing endeavor for all those involved. That’s why you have the right to access as much information about the process as possible, so that you can make a well-informed decision. After all, being well informed is key to being able to consent. Here at Adoption Choices of Kansas, our adoption counselors are prepared to answer your questions throughout your adoption journey. We will provide you with any necessary information upfront when you reach out to us for your initial inquiry. 

You also have the right to legal representation at any point during the adoption process. Since adoption entails a transfer of your rights over to the adoptive family, having an attorney who will advocate for your best interests can be reassuring and put your mind at ease that you have not overlooked anything important before relinquishing your rights. 

Your Rights as a Birth Mother are Our Priority in Kansas

Knowing your rights as a birth mother can be empowering as you proceed through your adoption journey. They provide a sense of certainty during an otherwise uncertain point in your life which can be comforting. When you work with Adoption Choices of Kansas, be assured that your rights are important to us and will always be respected.

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